Lerosh: we create emotions ...

I really love nature. I love it when the house and yard are decorated with exuberant colors and smells of flowers and trees. But I was always saddened by the fragility of flowers, and I really want the presented bouquets to last as long as possible!

When I learned about a new technology for stabilizing flowers, which allows you to preserve living plants without changing their appearance, I really wanted to share this wise decision with people - to be able to admire fresh flowers for a long time and not throw them away after a couple of days.

My mother, a florist designer with extensive experience, agreed to help me with this. A long search for quality flowers led us to the best companies in the world with which we now cooperate.

Today we have together created a romantic brand "Lerosh" and create for you original bouquets that can be admired for up to 5 years! Take this unique opportunity to present an original "live" gift that will delight your loved one for a very long time.
The founder of the company - Valeria