Order a Rose in a flask 𝓛𝓮𝓻𝓸𝓼𝓱 with delivery throughout Ukraine. Self-pickup of the shopping center Darynok or Brovary. Courier across Kiev.


Frequently Asked Questions

Rose in a flask

A living Rose in a flask does not fade until 5 years old - this is an unusual gift that causes delight and surprise.

The idea for creating a fairy rose was the film "Beauty and the Beast", as well as the book "The Little Prince", where the flower represents a symbol of true love ...

You can buy a rose in a flask at an affordable price in just a few clicks on our official website!


Is the eternal rose real?

To create an exclusive gift, we use fresh roses of elite varieties from the best plantation in Ecuador, which are impregnated with a special composition based on glycerin. It is environmentally friendly and safe, does not cause allergic reactions, has the property of retaining moisture for a long time, so the rose retains its shape and appearance for several years. The stabilized rosebud and stem looks natural. Each flower is unique, because it is alive, created by nature.

Thanks to the experience of over 40 years and the achievement of high quality according to certified technology, we confidently issue a Guarantee with the date of purchase to each of our clients!

 The compositions use a stand made of natural wood and a glass flask, which you can open and admire the queen of flowers closer. For such a rose, a vacuum is not needed, but do not get carried away, because under such a cap it is more protected from external influences. The petals do not fall from the rose under the dome, we put them separately for decoration. All compositions are unique, because their creation is the handwork of our professional florists.


Stabilized Rose in a flask. What is her care?

The long-lasting rose requires no maintenance, no need to water it. It can only be stored indoors. Any room temperature is great, but the more humid the air, the longer the rose will keep its original appearance. Do not leave it in direct sunlight, strong light, or near heat sources.

Over time, the stabilized rose releases moisture with glycerin and the glass becomes a little cloudy, but it should be so - this is an indicator of the quality and freshness of the flower. You just need to wipe the flask from the inside with any glass cleaner. Always carefully remove and replace the hood on the stand to avoid damaging the rose.


A rose in a Lerosh flask can be bought in Kiev

One elegant rose lasts 5 years and looks more spectacular than a large and expensive bouquet. In addition, such a flower will not wither after a week. A rose under glass can be ordered with delivery to all cities of Ukraine through New mail without prepayment. Most often, delivery is ordered to cities such as Odessa, Kharkov, Dnipro, Lviv, etc. Pickup Kiev or Brovary.

We try to surprise you and decorate our flowers. You can add an unusual stylish box with a WOW effect to your order. A rose in a flask with a garland will add fabulousness, and with engraving on an individual order will make your gift exclusive.


Price of a Rose in a flask

If you are looking for how to get a rose in a flask inexpensively, be careful! After all, now on the Ukrainian market there are many plastic roses or low-quality stabilized roses from China.

The price depends on the size of the bulb, diameter and color of the stabilized rose bud.

Our assortment includes stabilized bouquets - three roses in a flask and more, as well as compositions containing not only roses, but also various stabilized plants that are stored even longer, on average 8-10 years.

The most popular colors are red, blue, pink, black, purple rose.

Stabilized flowers in a flask from a trusted manufacturer Lerosh - only the original on the official website lerosh.com.ua!


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Оксана Кулеш / 09/05/2021
Получила розочку, спасибо. Красивая ! Спасибо за хорошее обслуживание и своевременность ..
Максим / 09/05/2021
Роза восхитительная! Спасибо Вам!..
Віра / 04/03/2021
Дуже задоволена сервісом! Написала в інстаграмі, одразу отримала відповідь. Всі мої побажання були враховані. Окреме дякую за витримку, бо питань я задавала багато. Я замовляла в Івано-Франківськ, оперативно відправили і квіточка дійшла добре, дуже гарно запакована. Рекомендую, без вагань користува..