Stabilized live rose in a flask that does not fade up to 5 years

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Pink Pearl Eternal Rose in Flask Lerosh - Classic 27 cm

Rosebud diameter 6-7 cm

The size of the composition is 16*16*27 cm

Stand color black or white on request

Pearl rose is luxury, mystery, purification, tenderness. This is a delicate pink stabilized rose, decorated with pearls on top.

ROSE IN A FLASK from Lerosh, which does not fade for 5 years - this Gorgeous GIFT will cause 100% surprise and delight! Do you want to give an unforgettable experience?

This is truly a living, durable Rose of high quality!

A unique present - a flower and a present at the same time.

A rose in a flask is a freshly cut rose processed using a special technology with glycerin, it has the ability to retain moisture for a long time and does not cause allergies!

Only fresh flowers are always available, because our partner is one of the best plantations in the world. Only an elite special variety of roses from Ecuador, together with the time-tested stabilization technology, gives a guarantee of durability.

The advantage of these flowers is that care is not needed, as for fresh ones. And you can admire right up to 5 years, not 3 days. It's simple - store only indoors, do not place near a bright light, heat sources, do not water, just wipe the flask from the middle 1-2 times a month.

The set includes: a stabilized rose on a stem and petals, which we put separately for decoration, a glass flask, a wooden stand. Guaranteed with date of purchase!

Please note: each rose is alive, unique, individual, so the density of the stem and the type of bud may differ slightly from the photo. If this is important to you  when placing an order, write in the comments about the request to send the photo live from the warehouse.

Prompt. Make your gift even more unusual - add a gift box with a WOW effect that falls apart when opened. The engraving with your text will be remembered forever, and the garland will add tenderness to the composition.

Delivery by New mail to a branch or to an address in 1-2 days, urgent delivery day after day by train, bus or car. These are cities such as Kiev, Odessa, Kharkov, Dnipro, Lviv and all other settlements of Ukraine. We pack and insure all parcels ourselves - you don't have to worry about the integrity of the glass.

Self-pickup the city of Kiev only by prior order on the site. Delivery by personal courier across Kiev.

No prepayment. You pay only upon receipt. But, if you want to save money and not overpay for cash on delivery in the mail or immediately send a gift to the recipient  pay on the website.

We are the Lerosh manufacturers - this is our official website. Don't wait tomorrow, book now!

If you have any questions, Please do not call, but write to us at Viber, WhatsApp, Telegram +380967229898

We will answer you with the help of an interpreter :-) With pleasure and gratitude for your interest!

Just surprise your loved one!

  • Maybe you have an engagement soon, or are planning a declaration of love, an offer to get married, a romantic dinner ... Often this gift is chosen for a wedding anniversary.
  • Of course, a Rose in a flask is given for the holidays - New Year, Valentine's Day on February 14, March 8, on Mother's Day.
  • Make a birthday surprise to your friends, mom, grandmother, aunt, sister, wife, beloved, daughter, niece or goddaughter.
  • A luxurious compliment to the boss, manager or colleague, employee. This is an original gift for a person who has everything.
  • Present the newlyweds with an unusual rose as a symbol of eternal love. You can also offer stabilized flowers for interior decoration at a wedding, for a bridal bouquet. We carry out individual orders.
  • If you decorate your house with such a rose, it will be a special accent in the interior, and will also cause great interest and admiration of your guests.

You know that the most pleasant gift is for no reason! Surprise, love, give!

And we continue to create amazing gifts and give people pleasant emotions!

Regards, Lerosh company.

Rose color Pink
Rosebud diameter 6-7 cm
Composition size 16*16*27 cm
Stand color Black or white on request

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