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Black Eternal Rose in Flask Lerosh - Classic 27 cm

Stabilized live rose in a flask that does not fade up to 5 years

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Blue Eternal Rose in Flask Lerosh - Classic 27 cm

Stabilized live rose in a flask that does not fade up to 5 years

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Blue Eternal Rose in Flask Lerosh - Premium 27 cm

Stabilized live rose in a flask that does not fade up to 5 years

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Blue Eternal Rose in Flask Lerosh - Lux 33 cm

Stabilized live rose in a flask that does not fade up to 5 years

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Buy a unique gift: a rose in a flask

How long do you have fresh cut flowers in a vase? No matter how fresh they are, their maximum freshness period is no more than one week. When the flowers start to fade, you feel sorry for them, because you still want to enjoy their beauty. But there is a flower that will not fade in a week or even in a year, and this is a stabilized rose in a flask.

A rose in a flask is an unfading flower that will become a welcome gift or a wonderful interior decoration. This gift can be safely presented to a loved one and a loved one, or you can give it to your boss.


What is so wonderful about a rose in a flask for a gift?

Such a stabilized flower is able to maintain the beauty of its silky petals, as well as the flexibility of the stem for five years. This means that you can enjoy the beauty of the flower not for 5-7 days, but for five whole years. Such a gift as a stabilized Rose in a flask (delivery across Ukraine from Kiev) will become unforgettable and will give positive emotions for 5 long years.


Live or artificial flower?

Wondering a real or artificial flower under the bulb? It is definitely a living rose that does not fade over a long period of time. Stem, bud and petals are stabilized. Do you want to be convinced of the elasticity and velvety of the bud? You can open the hood, but don't do it too often. Outwardly and in terms of tactile sensations, such a flower is no different from a living flower.


Where to buy a stabilized rose in Ukraine?

Do you want to buy a stabilized rose, but are worried that you can become the owner of a low-quality copy or scammers will slip a fake at all? It is recommended to purchase such roses from a trusted seller.

In Ukraine, you can buy a stabilized rose in a flask at the Lerosh store. When buying a stabilized rose here as a gift, you don't have to worry about the quality, because Lerosh has been on the market for many years and supplies its customers only the best stabilized flowers, the beauty of which can be enjoyed for a long time.


How to safely order the delivery of a stabilized rose from Kiev?

When ordering a stabilized rose from Lerosh for a gift, you don't have to worry, it will come to you in complete safety.

The flask is securely packed before shipment to ensure its integrity. We deliver orders only through verified cargo delivery companies in Ukraine.

Reviews Rose in a flask

Maxim, 21.12.2020

A bouquet of three red roses in a flask is definitely worth the money! And it doesn't matter at all that they are in the flask, this is a big plus, they will not die after a few days, but will delight with their beauty for a long time. As a gift for a girl or mother, 100% will suit! I did not spare the money and bought it, I was satisfied with the purchase, I advise everyone!


Nikolay, 06.01.2021

I took it as a gift to my wife. She usually scolds me for the bouquet, since a lot of money was spent on it, and they fade quickly. I saw an advertisement for such an unfading rose in a flask and decided to try it. For the first time, I didn't get a reprimand from my wife for flowers. Thank you store! Moreover, this rose was cheaper than a one-day bouquet. So, take it into service.


Regina, 05.02.2021

A rose in a flask is an insanely gentle and romantic gift. A flower that pleases for a long time and, of course, it is a reference to the romantic story "Beauty and the Beast". In general, in my opinion, any girl dreams of such a gift. I dreamed)) That is why I made a choice in favor of such a rose, which I asked my husband as a gift for the anniversary. Now she decorates our interior, surprises and impresses guests. I admire her every day. I chose and stopped at this site, since these are products directly from the manufacturer, high quality, a large selection, it is convenient to order. And the attitude to the client is the best!