Only for the rose in the Lerosh flask 27 cm.

Not for sale separately

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Gift WOW box red for a rose in a flask Lerosh 27 cm

Box size 18*18*29 cm

Make your gift even more unusual - add a gift box with a WOW effect that falls apart when opened.

How else can you decorate a rose? The engraving with your text will be remembered forever, and the garland will add tenderness to the composition.

A gift box for a rose in a flask is made of high quality materials: thick cardboard and luxury colored paper, logo embossing in gold, satin ribbon in the color of a rose in a flask. Handwork.

We are the Lerosh manufacturers - this is our official website. Don't wait tomorrow, book now!

If you have any questions, Please do not call, but write to us at Viber, WhatsApp, Telegram +380967229898

We will answer you with the help of an interpreter :-) With pleasure and gratitude for your interest!

Size 18*18*29 cm
Color Red

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